September 17, 2019

Roadmap & FAQ

Check out the roadmap below or scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions.


This roadmap shows an overview of the ONOR process from registration to naloxone distribution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to use the ONOR System?

To be able to use the ONOR System, your agency must be located within Wellington county, Dufferin county, or the city of Guelph (WDG region). Your agency must distribute the naloxone you order through the ONOR System, within the WDG region. There are also a few other requirements, such as your agency’s commitment to reporting naloxone distribution data regularly, using our online survey.

Your agency must also meet the following requirements for the Ministry of Health’s Ontario Naloxone Program (ONP).
To be eligible for the ONP, organizations must:

  • Work with people at risk of opioid overdose
  • Reach a difficult to reach population not otherwise served where there is known drug/opioid use
  • Have demonstrated staffing capacity to manage distribution/training with clients, inventory and reporting

Please complete the online registration form and a member of our staff will assess your agency’s eligibility.

Where and when do I complete reporting?

Agencies must regularly report naloxone distribution and use, using this online survey. We recommend that agencies report every 2 weeks; however, you must at least follow the reporting schedule below:

Reporting Period Reporting Deadline
October to December January 7th
January to March April 7th
April to June July 7th
July to September October 7th

Where can I find more information about naloxone?

We have created a fact sheet to help answer the following questions about naloxone:

  • What is naloxone?
  • Do I need this treatment?
  • How do I use naloxone?
  • How long does naloxone take to work?
  • What are the side effects of naloxone?
  • How should I store naloxone?
  • Where can I get a naloxone kit?